Ayrshire Blinds Irvine: Providing The Best Shutters & Blinds For Your House


Garden City Blinds, an Ayrshire-based company, takes great pride in manufacturing made-to-measure blinds of the highest caliber for residential buildings all around the county. Their knowledge encompasses all brands and designs of blinds, and they manufacture and install the following types of blinds:


Substitute vertical slats

Roller \ Venetian

Intus (Roller and Venetians)

Velux roller blinds (translucent or blackout)

Can I find a range of vertical blind with Ayrshire Blinds? 

Because they are practical and are offered in an expanding number of contemporary fabrics and materials, vertical blinds are still relevant today. Horizontal blinds use more energy than vertical blinds. Smaller windows can accommodate horizontal blinds since they operate by moving up and down. Because they open up and down as well as side to side, vertical blinds are designed for patios, sliding glass doors, and huge windows. high caliber built to measure Although vertical blinds don't require particularly delicate handling and are intended to survive for 10, 15, or even 20 years while being opened, closed, and adjusted numerous times daily, they won't last as long if handled violently or used incorrectly.

Garden City Blinds in Ayrshire offers a wide range of new vertical blinds to spruce up each window of your home. Their company provides a service to tailor your needs across Ayrshire. They have a small team of devoted and qualified specialists who are available to offer assistance when needed and are happy to offer a skilled measurement and fitting service. In order to provide the best outcomes for our customers, every blind they create and install in Ayrshire is meticulously tailored to measure and built using the finest materials available.

Will a company offer the service of cutting a blind to size?

Yes you can with Garden City Blinds. We provide our clients with the most dependable and cutting-edge solutions as a reliable blind installation business. Our primary goal is to provide for each customer's demands in every manner feasible. You have the choice to buy blinds from us because we are a blinds manufacturer. However, you may also get in touch with us to have a ready-made blind you bought trimmed down. On occasion, window blinds that should fit in the window frame are sized incorrectly and are too large. The majority of horizontal blinds, including wood and faux wood blinds, can be trimmed or cut to the proper width before installation.

With our assistance, your reduced installation will be simple. When our installers come to your home in Ayrshire, they will cut down the blinds you have already purchased on-site. Our services can be reserved online. Quickly after receiving your call, one of our crews will schedule a time and date to remove and install your blinds.

What are the best blinds in the UK?

Any form of faux-wood or real wooden blinds will do an excellent job as living room blinds that insulate exceptionally effectively merely by virtue of their material. Because they are made of somewhat thick, heavy fabrics, regular Roman blinds also have a tendency to work fairly well as insulators. Window coverings that block sunlight, such as Venetian blinds or horizontal slat-type (louvered-type) coverings, can effectively cut down on summer heat gain and glare while still letting in plenty of light inside. Blinds made of aluminum, PVC, and imitation wood are some of the simplest to maintain. These materials are strong, so even if they get wet, they won't be harmed. These blinds are simple to maintain, but cleaning them takes more time because you have to clean or vacuum each individual slat.